Directory Assistance & Directory Enquiry

With PinPoints you can engage with smartphone callers and send them more than just a number. When a call is made to a Directory Assistance number requesting a business – the Number, Name and PinPoint can be sent to the caller via a text message.



  • Increase call volumes by adding value to existing service
  • Increase brand loyalty through service differentiation
  • Provides competitive advantage in the market place
  • Allows new marketing campaigns to be created
  • Get insights into callers and their habits via our extensive analytics
  • Monetise traffic and create new revenue streams through advertising


Solution Features

  • Low cost SaaS solution with easy integration and deployment
  • Every feature controlled and accessible via API
  • Brand & customisation options available
  • Platform can be use to deliver rich advertising content
  • PinPoints can be embedded in an SMS, QR Code, Social Networks etc.
  • Turn any location, postcode, business name into a PinPoint


[homepage_features title=”SaaS cloud based solution” desc=”Instant connectivity with no impact on existing processes or infrastructure
” ]

[homepage_feature title=”Rock Solid” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/blank.png”] Secure application built on Amazon Web Services servers [/homepage_feature]
[homepage_feature title=”Easy Install” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/blank.png”] You don’t need to worry about installation, maintenance or up front capital costs. PinPoints runs in the cloud.
[homepage_feature_last title=”Pay as you go” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/blank.png”] Subscription billing – pay for what you use [/homepage_feature_last][/homepage_features]


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Current Customers

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Directory Assistance & Directory Enquiry, PinPoints