A big congratulations to our customers 11890.ie for being nominated for Innovative Use of Social Media in this year’s Bord Gáis Energy Social Media Awards. Here is a snippet of 11890’s announcement from their website.

” What does it mean to innovatively use social media?

To be innovative is to devise a new method or process for delivering something of use, application or value. To be innovative in the realms of social media is no different. However the environs of social media networks enables brands and marketers to use them in new and innovative ways.

At 11890, we have developed a new method of delivering our directory enquiry service on Twitter that no other directory enquiry or yellow pages service provider is currently doing. A user can tweet @11890, include #11890 and receive their requested number with a link to a map. For example, if a user tweets asking for the office number for Bord Gais Energy offices in Dublin, the response would be

“Bord Gais Tel: 012335000 [Map and Directions] http://11890socialsearch.mapandmore.com/2ngA  #11890″.

This is a new service idea and is unique way of using social media to meet the needs of our online audience and provide value to them as customers of 11890.

We also have a custom built listening and monitoring system whereby search stacks are added to a Twitter account and Tweets are crawled and filtered back to our dashboard. Referred to internally as our “Twitter Machine”, we monitor and identify engagement opportunities or scenarios where we can provide a solution.

11890 on Twitter are approaching the 1,000 followers mark and would love to have more happy users of the service on Twitter. Follow and use the free service for all your Directory Enquiry needs!   “

Cauwill is proud to have provided the 11890 social engagement solution.