Cauwill will be sponsoring the UK Marketing Network one day conference “On The Edge” in Birmingham. The event will be held in the Macdonald Burlington Hotel on the 19th of September 2013.

We’ll be giving demonstrations of the Morethan160 platform.

Morethan160 has been described by it’s customers as ‘MailChimp for SMS’. It has all the benefits of mobile marketing with SMS open rates in the high 90 percentile range and all the benefits of analytics & tracking which you get with email marketing. Morethan160 takes personalisation and analytics to another level by being able to determine the location of consumer and display dynamic content based on their location.

Morethan160 is a simple easy to use platform. Within a few minutes of using our wizards you can create and send mobile landing pages or mobile survey/NPS (Net Promoter Score) campaigns to a list of mobile numbers. Once sent you can watch the performance of the campaign in realtime and gain valuable insight into your customers like who’s really engaged with your message.

If you’d like to see for yourself, call us on +35361748540 to arrange a demo or sign up free at

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