With mindFisher it’s simple to capture and analyse feedback from more than 60 million people globally. We have partnered with the biggest research panel providers so all you have to do is create a survey, pick your demographic and press send.

When the results come back you can use the Insights Manager as a way of segmenting, viewing and comprehending the response data.

deFacto Insights

Step 1 : Build your survey

Use the simple to use editor to create a survey

Step 2 : Select your group

Pick age, gender, occupation, location and country

Step 3 : Gather responses

Watch responses come back in real time and the reports start building themselves 


  • Simple, easy to use survey builder
  • Instantly connect with a group of people you need to understand
  • Once you launch you can see the responses in real time
  • Dynamic insight reports that present findings in an easy to understand format



Pick the country & demographic you wish to sample, or upload your own panel


Stellar customer support - email support, telephone support and an online support tool.


Secured with the best encryption methods, IP fencing and GDPR compliant to ensure your data is secure


Turn survey responses into insights using text analytics and sentiment analysis.


Easy to use dashboard allows you to create campaigns and view reports in real-time.


mindFisher creates beautiful reports that can be shared online


mindFisher is easy to use and very flexible making it our first choice platform for mobile surveys and polls. It’s amazing to see responses come back in real-time. The reporting saves us both time and money and the support surrounding the platform is second to none.
Gerard O'Neill
CEO of Amarach Research
We partner with deFacto Insights to offer our clients an innovative and reactive research tool, which provides an invaluable source of actionable insights. The team at deFacto Insights also offer an unrivalled level of support which means that no query poses a significant challenge. As such, we highly recommend them.
David Cullen
Bord Bia