Cauwill delighted to announce a partnership with VoiceSage Ltd.

About VoiceSage

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Dublin and London, VoiceSage has deep heritage and experience in delivering transformational interactive customer communications solutions that streamline and add value to high-volume contact activities.
Household brands including Argos, Dun & Bradstreet, Thames Water, AXA Insurance and Freemans Grattan Holdings rely on VoiceSage to reduce inbound call volumes, increase appointments and deliveries, reduce debt and enable real-time customer conversations.
VoiceSage’s cloud-based messaging product and services deliver more than 2 million messages a day and are used by businesses serving more than 75% of the UK population. More than 44 million individual phones in the UK have received a VoiceSage message at some time.
As a privately held international communications technology company, leading the way in automated customer contact communications we deploy class leading interactive messaging solutions – voice, sms, e-mail, chat.