One of the most important aspects of customer experience is trust. Without trust, customers take their business elsewhere. 

With trustMinder you’ll be able to keep a finger on the customer experience pulse 24×7. We’ll mind your customers trust.

Step 1 : Capture feedback across various channels

Every piece of customer feedback is analysed & measured in realtime.

Step 2 : Convert feedback to insights

trustMinder instantly turns feedback into insights. 

Step 3 : Share insights with your team

Share your insights with reports that can update in real time.


  • Capture Feedback from any channel
  • Real time analytics and machine learning to understand the why behind the score
  • Turn Customer Feedback into insights
  • Indentify customer issues in realtime and respond in realtime
  • Dynamic insight reports that present findings in an easy to understand format


Real time Reporting

As soon as a customer response is submitted the data is displayed in realtime via the dashboard.


Stellar customer support – email support, telephone support and an online support tool.


Secured with the best encryption methods, IP fencing and GDPR compliant to ensure your data is secure

API & Integration

Integration is straightforward. Full RESTful API documentation and integration code provided.

Case Manager

Close the loop - Track and correspond with customers who trigger a ticket


View CX metrics such as NPS, campaign analytics and text analytics including sentiment analysis


Easy to use dashboard allows you to create campaigns and view reports in realtime.

Response Rate

Messages sent out immediately after an interaction can achieve up to 30% response rates

Trigger Events

trustMinder can be configured to send an alert after an customer response