Product features

  • PinPoint can be inserted in e-mail confirmation and SMS
  • One Step Integration with your existing platform
  • Full, secure API suite
  • Optional SMS delivery
  • Monetise the content with our inbuild premium SMS service
  • All major phone vendors supported; RIM, Apple, Nokia, Android, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc.
  • Complete control and management of PinPoint content
  • Full Monthly reports


What is PinPoints about?

PinPoints allows an address, like “50 Avenue du President Wilson 93200 La Plaine Saint Denis” to be converted to something like> – this can be inserted into emails, SMS, forum posts, blogs, tweets etc.



Why is that great?

The returned shortened URL is smart. When you click on it on web browsers it will open in online maps, but (this is the clever bit) when you click on it via a BlackBerry device it will open in BlackBerry Maps, when you click on it via a Nokia smartphone it will open in Nokia Maps and for iPhone users it will open Google Maps and so on. PinPoints figures out what navigation software you have and will show the sent location.
“PinPoints reaches into your sat-nav and programs it.”



What if the phone doesn’t have mapping software?

Don’t worry the smart link will figure out what type of phone it is and present the location via text and images.


Watch A Demonstration

Case Example: Internet Booking Engine


I want to start sending PinPoints. What next?

No problem, we have an API for you. Get in contact with us for more details. You can be sending pinpoints to your customers in a matter of hours!

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